Ubiquiti UniFi USG mDNS High CPU

At one educational client site we’re running a network with a USG Pro as the gateway, then VLANs and a primary LAN. The issue we were having was, mDNS enabled through the “Services” interface on the UniFi Dashboard to make Apple TVs, printers, etc from the LAN accessible on the vLANs, was causing the USG […]

Enable Zoom in a Teams Room

Microsoft doesn’t officially support joining Zoom meetings from a Teams Room yet, but we’ve figured out a work around. First, you have to powershell into your Office 365 Exchange tenant and run the following: Then you logon to your Teams Room as the “Administrator” user to get to the normal windows interface and download the […]

Block Update to Windows 11 via CMD

While we’ve been busy playing with Windows 11 to learn internally, it’s just not ready for a production environment. One of the largest issues we’ve come across is that some banking systems STILL rely on INTERNET EXPLORER to work properly. This includes cheque scanners for batch deposits and things like that. SO for now, we’ve […]

Real World Setup of UniFi Building to Building Bridge

So in the real world when using B2B Bridge it’s likely in some weird scenario or remote location. We’ve recently done a few installs and ironed out a method of getting them updated prior to going on-site, as the process isn’t super simple if especially if they ship with a v1 firmware which all ours […]